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revitaliseScope for 'remarkable alliance' following Criminal Justice meeting

Need to highlight local good practice

There is scope for a 'remarkable alliance' against the proposed Correctional Agency between UNISON, the Association of Directors of Social Work and Sheriff's Associations, was the feedback from a Criminal Justice meeting on 8 August.

Sheriffs in particular were reported to be against the idea because they think the Court teams and local authority Criminal Justice teams teams work well together at the moment.

There was a need to get examples of good local practice to demonstrate that the current system could meet the Scottish Executive's aims of providing public protection, greater use of restorative justive and lower re-offending rates.

We also need to press home the inevitable disruption to the service and therefore increased risk to the public in any transition period.

There was talk of a general letter to branches asking them to lobby their local MSP and lobby Cathy Jamieson and/or Jack McConnell if they are in their locality as part of their current national 'tours'.

A note of the meeting is going to the next UNISON Local Government committee for approval of the next steps to be taken.

See the UNISON doiscussion document and get your views in.....