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Cash or care? 10 essential questions for councils on personalisation

Councils are faced with squaring an impossible circle. They must deliver personalised care and support to a growing population within existing funding levels AND generate continuing efficiency savings.

This has led to a focus on trying to use ‘cash for care’ schemes (direct payments, personal budgets, individual budgets) as a means of personalising care services and saving money.

UNISON supports the principle that everyone should have as much independence and control over their own care and support arrangements as is right for them.

However the current funding gap in social care means that the personalisation policy is likely to over-promise and under-deliver, just as care in the community did before it.

We believe that before this goes any further there are 10 key questions about cash for care schemes that all councils need to answer.

These are laid out in a publication available from UNISON HQ. Branches are urged to order this now.... and start asking the questions.