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October/November 2008 No 75

Choosing Life - a new initiative

As part of our new GPF-funded involvement with the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival, UNISON Scotland is gearing up for two events as we go to press.

The two afternoon music and workshop events are taking place in Hamilton Council Buildings and Glasgow's Mitchell Library on the 16/17 October.

The programme consists of a musical exploration of mental health discrimination and social justice using political song with Research Collections @ GCU and featuring Andy Smith. This is followed by a talk on suicide awareness with Choose Life.- the national strategy and action plan to reduce suicides.

Scott Donohoe, UNISON Scotland's Health and Safety Chair said, "This is very much a trial organisational initiative that we hope will both raise the issue of mental health in the workplace and give the first steps in helping members and activists identify people who may be at risk of suicide and know where to turn."

In addition UNISON wants to sit down with the Festival when it finishes and discuss a potential mental health learning festival in the spring.

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