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April/May 2007 No 66

Invest in social housing

The government cannot claim to be tackling inequality until it puts housing back at the heart of economic and social policy. This was UNISON's Jane Carolan's message to the STUC in the housing debate.

"Housing stock transfer rejection is a victory. A tenants' victory", said Jane. "Starting with the Edinburgh ballot there has been a domino effect across Scotland - the rejection of the transfer option".

But victories don't come easy, Jane reminded delegates. Councils had unlimited publicity budgets.

While union activists and tenants can't match the resources, "they have something councils don't - commitment!" said Jane.

"Affordable social housing has been neglected too long", said Jane as she called on the government to respect tenants' choice and allow councils the same cash to invest in housing.

"That's what Scottish tenants have proved they want. So if you meet any candidates on the campaign trail, you might want to ask them where they stand on that", added Jane

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