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Changing to 800x600, 16, 24 or 32bit.

Instructions for Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP.

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Why change your screen resolution?

Most computers are delivered these days with the screen set to 1024X768. Some however may be set at 800x600 This makes the contents of the screen (words, graphics etc) very big, on a 17 inch screen.

To get the best from our website, you should set the screen to 1024x768 if your monitor will support this. If you have a 15 inch monitor, probably best to leave it at 800x600.

Most computers and screens are capable of working at these settings (and can be faster for it). However you should check your documentation first. These instructions are given only as a guide, we cannot be held responsible for any problems.

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How to change screen settings

Some setups will have a small screen icon at the very bottom right of your screen on the bar. If yours has this, try clicking on this first. It will usually have an easy way of changing to 1024x768 High Colour without having to do all this below.

Most adapters now can work at this resolution, but check your documentation first.

1. Place your mouse pointer on an empty part of your screen (desktop) (see right)

2. Click the RIGHT mouse button

3. Choose Properties from the menu that comes up

4. Click (left mouse button from now on) on the Settings tab

Screen Size

5. Look for Display Area (usually near bottom left)

6. If this shows 1024x768, leave it alone.

7. If it shows 800x600 or less, use the sliding bar to move along to 1024x768


8. Now look for Colour Palette (often middle right)

9. If it shows High Colour (16 bit) or more, leave as it is.

10. If it shows 16 or 256 colour, change to at least 16 bit (High Colour)

11. Click OK

12. You may then be prompted to restart your computer.

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