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April 10 Rally - Branch work begins to build

Stop the Cuts Briefing # 5
26 March 2010

10 April leafletThe next key event in our campaign calendar will be the stop the cuts March and Rally in Glasgow on 10 April.

Make sure your branch is building for a big turnout.


10 April leafletClick here to get the A5 flyer for use with members and community groups to encourage attendance. This flyer can also be scaled up and printed at A4 for use on noticeboards.

And check the UNISON Scotland blog for updates


Branch work begins to build

News is reaching us of branch work to build attendance at the Stop the cuts March and Rally in Glasgow on 10 April. Some good practice by branches is outlined below. Why not raise some of these issues with your branch and get them to undertake similar work? It is essential that as many UNISON members, community groups and members of the public participate and add to what should be a huge demonstration against cuts in jobs and vital public services. The A5 flyer for use with members and community groups to encourage attendance is available on the website as a pdf to download: www.unison-scotland.org.uk/publicworks/membleafletx2.pdf
It can also be scaled up and printed at A4 for notice boards.


Branches in their Communities

Branches are beginning to make a significant impact in their communities. West Dunbartonshire have joined with other council unions to run a series of street stalls, petitions, lobbying and other activities. Tommy Morrison, W Dunbartonshire Branch Service Conditions Officer said “The stalls have been hugely popular, we had people queuing to sign the petitions.”

North Ayrshire are also running Saturday street stalls and have produced their own leaflets highlighting services members deliver. They are writing to community groups to offer then places on their busses.

Renfrewshire have joined forces locally with other UNISON branches (NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, and University of the West of Scotland) to linking in with Community Groups and ensure the campaign covers all services. The branch is offering seats on buses to anyone who wishes to come along, has created a Cuts bulletin for members, and is placing a series of ads in a local paper– one a week over three weeks. Ads are also going into the Big Issue in Scotland. Draft ads will shortly be available at Scottish level too.

This is not only a local government event. Recognising this, Strathclyde Police & Fire branch have been promoting the march and rally strongly at branch meetings and at a national police seminar, and NHS GG&C strongly publicised the march at their recent branch AGM. These are just some initiatives that branches are involved in—there will be more. Tell us about them so we can add them to the blog. Email m.burns@unison.co.uk


More Event (and pre-event) details

The event will take place at 09.30am on Saturday 10 April. Assembly Point is Glasgow’s University Avenue (just off Kelvingrove Park) , from where we march around the west end and back to Kelvingrove for the Rally. Arrangements are being made for events for the wains during the rally—so far we are planning a bouncy castle, facepainting, beat-the-goalie and Bookstart activity. Helium balloons will be available.

Adtrailers will be hired for the run up to the day (and on the day). If you want a visit to promote support, please contact Chris Bartter - c.bartter@unison.co.uk

We want a very visual march with as many members wearing uniform as possible. That may simply be a jacket with your employer’s logo on it. Those in uniforms will be grouped together within the march with branches then marching in groups too. Other visual plans include the large UNISON helium balloons, a supply of ‘stop the cuts’ paddles and baseball caps.


Case studies - Panorama calling

BBC’s Panorama want to do a programme about the impact of cuts on communities. They are keen to interview a member who is threatened by some aspect of the cuts. It could be anything from full job loss, to a much valued job having to be given up as a service or workplace shuts. They are particularly interested in things like community centre, library and leisure centre closures. Can branches find volunteers from amongst our membership that would be willing to speak to them? You do not be a media star, just tell your story! Please identify someone willing to do this in your branch and let Chris Bartter have their mobile number - c.bartter@unison.co.uk


Branch To Do List

  • Complete and keep updating your cuts impact assessment form
  • Identify three examples of cuts in your authority
  • Write to community groups
  • Invite a speaker to your AGM
  • Publicise the march and rally to members, community groups and the public
  • Set up street stalls and publicise the campaign
  • Run a series of press adverts in local papers about the cuts campaign and 10 April event
  • Advertise that transport is available with pick up and drop off points
  • Decide on your pledge for the march and rally and let your RO know how many you think will come along from your area
  • Order as many buses as you think you can fill – you may want to liaise with other branches locally
  • Check your branch banner is all in one piece – if not this could be the time to order a new one
  • Check out the blog – (http://unison-scotland.blogspot.com) – to find out and report what’s been happening in your area



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