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April 10 - Building for the March & Rally

Stop the Cuts Briefing # 3
1 March 2010

The next key event in our campaign calendar will be a March and Rally in Glasgow on 10 April. It is essential that as many UNISON members, community groups and members of the public participate and add to what should be a huge demonstration against cuts in jobs and vital public services.

(Check the UNISON Scotland blog for updates)

Come along to the Rally
The event will take place from 09.30am on Saturday 10 April.

Assembly Point is University Avenue, from where we march around the west end and back to Kelvingrove for the Rally.

Branches should publicise this event widely amongst their membership and local communities. A model letter to community groups will be going on the website next week. For those further afield, branches should organise transport and publicise pick up and drop off points.

You are asked to pledge the number of people you think you can bring along to the march and rally. For a branch close to Glasgow that could be 500, for branches further afield that could be to fill a bus from each major town in the area. Please let your regional organiser know what your pledge will be.

We want a very visual march with as many members wearing uniform as possible. That may simply be a jacket with your employer’s logo on it. Those in uniforms will be grouped together within the march with branches then marching in groups too.

That way there will be an identified branch grouping - you may want to have your own t-shirts printed and placards with your branch message!

What you can do
UNISON’s Public Works campaigning material is available on the web site (click here for Stop The Cuts Toolkit page). Use the template letters and take part in the letter writing element of the campaign.

As both a UNISON member and a council service user go along to any local budget consultation meetings that your Council may holding and make your views known.

Encourage everyone you know to come along on the 10 April.

Place press adverts and encourage community group participation — press ads can be provided, contact c.bartter@unison.co.uk

Ensure your branch banner is dusted down and comes with you, order placards and any other materials you may wish to bring with you to ensure your branch is visible on the day.

Balloons, hats, whistles etc are all part of the paraphernalia that make us seen and heard. Here is a suggested to do list that you may wish to work to.

Branch To Do List

  • Complete and keep updating your cuts impact assessment form
  • Look out for latest Briefing on the Local Government Finance Settlement (P&I Briefing 223) and make sure you send in your three examples
  • Write to community groups
  • Invite a speaker to your AGM
  • Publicise the march and rally to members, community groups and the public
  • Set up a street stall one Saturday and publicise the campaign
  • Run a series of press adverts in local papers about the cuts campaign and 10 April event
  • Advertise that transport is available with pick up and drop off points
  • Decide on your pledge for the march and rally and let your RO know how many you think will come along from your area
  • Order as many buses as you think you can fill – you may want to liaise with other branches locally
  • Check your branch banner is all in one piece – if not this could be the time to order a new one
  • Order branch t shirts, hats, flags, sashes – anything that identifies your branch and its message
  • Order placards and sticks and start thinking of the slogans you want to put on them about cuts in your area
  • Check out the blog – (http://unison-scotland.blogspot.com) – to find out and report what’s been happening in your area

Case studies
The media are critical to the campaign and we want to highlight the effect cuts in jobs and services have on members and service users. It is very important that we have volunteers from amongst our membership that would be willing to speak to them. You do not have to be a media star, just tell your story! Please identify someone willing to do this in your branch and let Chris Bartter have their mobile number

Each member of the LG committee has a buddy branch within the LG Service Group. They are able to help and support other LG branches in their local campaigning. If you are from another service group and would like some additional support please get in touch with John Hackett j.hackett@unison.co.uk and we will try and match you with someone from your area.

Branch AGMs
If your AGM is still to take place you should have a speaker on the cuts campaign to encourage attendance on April 10. For speakers please get in touch with your Regional Organiser.


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