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Mike Kirby Combating Austerity Feb 2016  

Combating Austerity

Signposting the ways Scotland could limit the damage

The Conservative Governmentís austerity programme will result in around a further £2 billion of cuts to Scotlandís public services. There is a broad consensus across Scotland that austerity is damaging to public services and the economy.
UNISON Scotland is part of the campaign against austerity.

UNISON Scottish Secretary Mike Kirby on
Combating Austerity Feb 2016

Combatting Austerity September 2015

Combating Austerity pdf
Sep 2015


Combating Austerity report and toolkit

As part of combating austerity we should look at practical ways in which the Scottish Government, councils, health boards and other public bodies can mitigate against the worst of the cuts to come. Every sensible mitigation measure government and public authorities can take reduces the number of job losses and damage to vital public services and the economy.

Our Combating Austerity paper offers signposts to measures that would help combat austerity including:

  • Contract buyouts and/or refinancing of expensive PPP/PFI projects;
  • Refinancing of council and other public bodies debt;
  • Imaginative use of council prudential borrowing and bonds;
  • More efficient and effective use of local authority pension funds;

Join us in combating austerity by campaigning for these measures and limiting the damage


Combating Austerity Toolkit

Use these resources to help your branch campaign

See also our Public Works Toolkit for campaigning against cuts






Selected briefings from Bargaining and Campaigns Team - see more on Briefings page


Powerpoint Resources from the Communications and Campaigns Committee:
Key Messages
| Campaign planning | Using local media

Public services at risk
Public Services Election 2015
Our vital public services are at risk from austerity economics. Check out our interactive cartoon... and join the fight for public services >>>

The damage to our public services
Damage series
A series of UNISON Scotland reports on how austerity is hitting public services and how we can protect them

A great way to get the message across simply and effectively. Click here for a range to use.....

Public Works
Public Works is the campaign for jobs, services, fair taxation and a Living Wage by UNISON, Scotland's biggest public service union. More updates on our Public Works blog - see also the UNISON Scotland blog plus UNISON Scotland Press releases

Public Works
Resources for branches
to campaign against public service cuts.
Get tooled up.


There is a better way
There is a Better Way STUC campaign site

False Economy logo
False Economy:

Why the cuts are wrong

Website supported by UNISON and TUC

Public Works: UNISON Scotland programme to beat recession
Spring 2009
(leaflet pdf)



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