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26 March: Together we can achieve anything


Thousands of Scotland UNISON members descended on London today from across the country to join hundreds of thousands in the biggest trade union demonstration in a generation.

Many travelled overnight with trains and buses arriving in London early to join the march. Banners from across Scotland were part of a ribbon of green and purple that snaked past the iconic sights of London to make one simple point - there is an alternative to cuts and to the smashing of our welfare state.

See an 'on march' report from the unofficial UNISONActive blog here.

See UNISON UK live updates here.

Get to London on the train
or on the bus and march for public services on 26 March

TUC March For The Alternative
London, 26 March 2011

March for the alternative 26 March 2011

UNISON members can book transport to the big London demo which has been arranged through the STUC. Places are available on buses and trains from Glasgow and Edinburgh and will be allocated through union branches.
(See below for indicative times)

If you are a UNISON member and you want to get to London for the big demo, just get in touch with your branch. You can find out branch contact details here. Or call UNISON Scotland on 0845 355 0845.

If you're not a UNISON member a) you can join UNISON here and b) you can also get in touch with the STUC for transport. Check out the STUC There Is a Better Way website for email contact details.

Times for transport to and from London on 26 March
(check with your branch to confirm)


Glasgow – Euston – Glasgow
05.00 (approx) Glasgow Central – Euston arriving at 10.30 a.m. (approx)
18.00 (approx) Euston – Glasgow Central arriving at 21.50 (approx)
(Glasgow train will also pick up and set down at Motherwell)

Edinburgh – Kings Cross – Edinburgh
06.05 Edinburgh – London Kings Cross arriving at 11.25
16.05 London Kings Cross – Edinburgh arriving at 20.58

BUSES (Departure point TBC; times approximate).

Glasgow – London – Glasgow
00.00 Glasgow – London arriving 08.00
19.00 London – Glasgow arriving 03.00

Edinburgh – London – Edinburgh
00.00 Edinburgh – London arriving 08.00
19.00 London – Edinburgh arriving 03.00



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