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Serving Scotland

 A manifesto for Scotland's public services

Serving Scotland


+ A new start

+ Choosing public services

+ Giving people a say in their services

+ Choosing quality services

+ Choosing teamwork

+ Serving Scotland

Serving Scotland's Taxpayers

Serving Scotland's Majority
a minifesto on women and Scotland's public services

Serving Scotland Equally
a minifesto on equalities and public services

Serving Scotland's Communities
a minifesto on local services

Serving Scotland's culture
UNISONScotland's initial reponse to Celebrating Scotland - The Scottish Executive's consultation document on a National Cultural Strategy

 campaigning for Scotland's public services




© UNISONScotland 1998

Written, designed and produced by UNISONScotland Communications.

Thanks are due to Alan Wylie for all the photographs, West Lothian NHS Trust, West Lothian Council and the Radnor Street Clinic. Thanks are also due to all the people who agreed to take part.

It should go without saying that the policies contained herein are the responsibilities of UNISONScotland alone, and not attributable to any individual, or institution who co-operated with the making of this manifesto.


Serving Scotland is UNISONScotland's manifesto for Scottish public services. It is published by UNISONScotland, UNISON House, 14 West Campbell Street, Glasgow G2 6RX. Tel 0141 332 0006. It is printed by John S Burns and Sons, 25 Finlas Street, Glasgow G22 5DS.

It is available in hard copy from the above address and in other forms on request.


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