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UNISON campaigning for a Scottish Living Wage  
Scottish Living Wage Campaign
Scottish Living Wage Campaign

UNISON has been leading the campaign for a living wage with other organisations in the Scottish Living Wage Campaign http://slw.povertyalliance.org/ 

The Accreditation Advisor is Julie McGahan  based at the Poverty Alliance offices in Glasgow. She can be contacted at julie.mcgahan@
Tel: 07881 293485.


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Find more about the campaign on the UNISON UK Worth It site here


Speaking Up for a Living Wage

Scottish Living Wage Campaign updates

5 August 2014 - Scottish Living Wage Accreditation Initiative:

The Scottish Government has agreed to fund an accreditation drive for the Scottish Living Wage. This has enabled the campaign to employ a Living Wage Accreditation Advisor who will be promoting the Scottish Living Wage to employers across Scotland in the coming year.

Most public sector employers in Scotland now pay the living wage, but are not accredited.

UNISON Scotland branches should raise the issue of accreditation with their employers - and get in touch with the Scottish Living Wage Accreditation Initiative


Accreditation resources as pdfs

Scottish Living Wage Accreditation A5 Flyer Scottish Living Wage Accreditation Emploer Guide Scottish Living Wage Accreditation Postcard
A5 Flyer Employers Guide Postcard

Living Wage in Scotland - the facts

• One in five Scots are paid below the living wage of £7.65 an hour.

• Six in 10 children who live in poverty have at least one parent working.

• 550,000 adults (mostly women) in Scotland earn less than the living wage.

The Scottish Living Wage is good for workers as they benefit from higher pay, improved health and motivation; good for employers as it reduces turnover, improves productivity and attracts better staff; and good for the economy as it results in lower benefit costs and less stress on the NHS.



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