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Archive Minutes

UNISONScotland Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Group Minutes

UNISON Scotland LGBT Committee Meeting Saturday 30th January 2010

1. Sederunt/Apologies

MJT (Chair), AC (Chair), RM (by phone) (Minutes), ED, DC, LSh Apologies were received from AD, LM, IA, JM, LSi, NB

2. Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of 17th October 2009 were AGREED as an accurate record (AC moved and DC seconded)

3. Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.

4. Committee Seats

It was NOTED that two nominations - RM and NB - were received for unfilled seats on this Committee. As there was no clash of seat applied for, both candidates were duly elected unopposed. Welcome had been extended to them both and the Committee was very pleased that RM could join us given the short notice given of confirmation of seats. This leaves 4 seat unfilled (1 general, 1 black, 1 bisexual and 1 disabled). It was AGREED that this would be raised at Scottish Council the following week and that the Black and Disabled Regional SOGs would be approached regarding communicating with their LGBT members.

5. Officers/Reps Reports

  • Co-conveners - a written report was NOTED.
  • Secretary/Finance - the secretary/treasurer was not present.
  • National Reps - the focus of the National meeting was the Action on Resolutions, which is to be discussed as part of the agenda.
  • Scottish Council - none of the designated committee members had been able to attend Scottish Council in December. A verbal report of key matters to be raised at the February Scottish Council was NOTED.
  • Scottish Committee - the designated committee member was not present.
  • L&O Committee - No report received.
  • Women's Committee - there had not been a meeting since our last committee meeting.
  • International report - neither of the designated committee members had been able to attend because the last meeting clashed with AGM.
  • Labour Link - No report received.

6. National LGBT Conference

6.1. Feedback form The feedback form was collectively completed. MJT to type up and forward to National.

6.2. Record of Conference Decisions (2008)/Action Plan The Actions on Resolutions document received from National was considered Motion by Motion and tagged with the names of those committee members who would be responsible for delivering on behalf of Scotland. It was not practical to try to undertake work on every Motion, but the majority were covered. MJT to update the Action on Resolutions document to include names and circulate to Committee.

7. Pride Planning

It was AGREED that the Committee should endeavour to have a stall at all main 'politcal' Prides in Scotland this year (i.e. those that are not purely commercial, party events). The following committee members AGREED to lead on organising the following events (should they be taking place):

  • Pride Glasgow - LSh
  • Dumfries & Galloway - MJT " Borders - MJT
  • Aberdeen - LSi (suggested in absence)
  • Highland - LM (suggested in absence)
  • Black Pride - MJT. Black Pride is a national event held in London, which may help recruit more black members in Scotland. MJT to investigate options, including the possibility of holding a pre-Black Pride event in Scotland (possibly directly after our April meeting), and funding.
  • branded goods for the stall - MJT to organise
  • pull-up banner for use behind stall - MJT to get quotes

8. Celtic Connections

AC outlined the good progress made to date on the theme and logistics of Celtic Connections. The following points were AGREED:

  • The event will take place the weekend of 26-28th March, from Fri evening to Sun lunchtime dependent upon the arrival times of delegates from Northern Ireland and Wales.
  • The purpose of the event is to produce campaign materials for the three organising and recruitment campaigns developed at Celtic Connections 2009.
  • In order to contain costs, the event would be held in Edinburgh. This would enable B&B for Fri night and a 24-hr conference rate, from lunchtime Sat to lunchtime Sun, to be booked at the Jury's Inn. AC to book.
  • Fri evening would be an orientation session and casual social, dependent upon the arrival times of delegates from Northern Ireland and Wales. AC to organise.
  • Sat morning would be based at the Scottish Parliament and entail the shoot for poster images. A photographer brief and quotes are required. AC to co-ordinate.
  • More models are likely to be needed. 'Recruitment' would need to take place beforehand. AC to co-ordinate.
  • Dettie or Winston from National LGBT Committee Black Caucus would be invited to join us for the weekend. They would run a session on black recruitment and would add a much needed black face to our poster images. AC to invite.

9. IDAHO Preparations

It was suggested that the Committee purchase a large number of rainbow flags and distribute one to each Branch with a covering letter asking them to display it for IDAHO. We could then write to all Branches at future dates suggesting they use their flag to help advertise our AGM and for other events such as LGBT History Month. MJT to investigate costs.

10. Branch SOG Feedback (standing item)

The Committee was told that two of Scotland's first time delegates to National LGBT Conference in 2009 were so enthused by the experience that they are trying to set up their own SOGs. It was AGREED to give advice where needed.

11. Recruitment (standing item)

Future actions for this item are covered by discussions under Action on Resolutions and Pride Planning. It was NOTED that Glasgay! 2009 was very successful at recruiting signatories to the Million Voices campaign.

12. Anti-BNP (standing item)

Future actions for this item are covered by discussions under Action on Resolutions. It was NOTED that UNISON was represented at the rally against the National Defence League in Glasgow in November. The Scottish Secretary spoke and LGBT members attended with banners.

13. Correspondence

  • It was NOTED that the STUC is holding an LGBT conference, 10:00-15:30 on Fri 26th February in Glasgow. Some committee members have registered; others are encouraged to do so if they wish.

14. AOCB

It was NOTED with sadness that AD intends to step down from the Committee because the Fife Men Project has lost its funding and is to fold. As this was to be the venue for our next Committee meeting, an alternative venue needs to be found. MJT to investigate and to find out timescale of AD's departure.

15. Date of Next Meeting

10:00-14:00 Sat 17th April venue tbc Committee members are asked to note the start time of the meeting!


Scotland Region Annual report 2009

After a successful AGM, the newly elected Scottish LGBT Committee got stuck into a pretty full work programme. We were delighted to welcome new members onto the committee and see a greater spread of activists regionally and by service group.

We are still actively trying to fill our reserved seats for bi, trans, disabled and black members and meetings have taken place with representative groups. We remain hopeful that at our forthcoming AGM we can have these seats filled.

We are pleased that we have been able to move meetings around the country with the last two meetings taking place in Edinburgh and Inverness. We were advised that this is the first occasion that a Regional Self Organised Committee has met outwith the Scottish Central Belt.

This was much appreciated by the committee members from this region and the committee has agreed to explore the possibility of holding future meeting and possibly an AGM in the Highlands in the coming years. Members in the Highlands are working closely with the Highland LGBT Forum to organize a future Pride Event in the Highlands. The Committee agreed to give this our full support. We will use money obtained from our recent GPF Pride bid to this end.

The committee is still trying to move forward with influencing the Scottish Government and the EHRC on our priorities, and members attended the first meeting of The National LGBT Forum in Glasgow.

This is an attempt to bring together people working on LGBT issues across Scotland in order that we can learn from each other's experiences and successes.

The event was opened by Hilary Third from the Scottish Government's Equality Unit and was attended by Patrick Harvie (MSP) who introduced the successful Hate Crime legislation. We also heard about work being undertaken by LGBT Youth Scotland who is piloting an anti - homophobic bullying training pack in Scottish Schools.

We are continuing to support Glasgay!, the international arts festival, and continue to have involvement on the Board and with regular meetings with the producer. This year, we have been involved much earlier in the process and so have been able to influence the schedule to include much more women and lesbian friendly events.

We will again be sponsoring one of the major productions "The Maw Broon Monologues" which will include a linked dinner and debate on LGBT families. Through our involvement with Glasgay! we hope to influence the reopening of the Glasgow LGBT Centre, which recently had to close due to financial difficulties.

The committee agreed to support a bid to Glasgow City Council from Glasgay! which hopes to reopen the centre with a café, restaurant, gym and be a culture and educational base for the LGBT community in the Glasgow area.

Another very successful Celtic Connections training event took place with colleagues from Northern Ireland and Wales in Belfast 19th-21st March 2009 and actions on challenging heterosexism, rural isolation and Mental Health and developing an LGBT health strategy with government came from this event and are being progressed. We were delighted to again see new faces at this event.

Once again, we sent delegates to ILGA this year and the issues raised there have been brought back and are being included in our work plan where appropriate. Committee members and branches have been involved in initiatives to tackle the rise of the far right.

Members in the Highlands were campaigning in the streets against the BNP in Inverness at recent the European elections and members in Glasgow have been involved in countering BNP leafleting on the streets of Glasgow by asking members to attend via text whenever it is known that the BNP are on the streets. This was very successful and BNP did not stay long once members arrived.

The committee agreed to use our mailing lists to encourage members to join Hope not Hate and Unite Against Fascism and to encourage them to sign relevant petitions and write to MP's/ MSP's. The Committee agreed to have specific anti-fascist leaflets printed to hand out at future Pride events.

We would like to encourage any Scottish members who are interested in our work, or who want to become more involved to contact your regional representatives or any member of the committee. Elaine Duffy and David Calderwood National LGBT Committee


National Representatives' report to Scottish LGBT AGM 2009

Your national representatives were elected at LGBT Conference 2007 and will serve till 2009 LGBT Conference. They are Elaine Duffy and David Calderwood.

As well as participating in all national committee meetings, Elaine sits on the Campaigns and Policy Development sub-committee (CPD) and David sits on the International sub-committee.

Work is ongoing on blood donor screening. Elaine is attending a consultation meeting with SaBTO (Safety of Bood, Tissue and Organ Donation) in London on 27th October to hear the latest medical evidence which may or may not have a direct effect on future policy. We have been working with NUS (National Union of Students), NAT (National AIDS Trust) and Stonewall so far on this.

We have also received a very positive response from the National Blood Transfusion Service in response to our letter to them about the importance of ensuring that people who do not donate blood in workplaces are not outed. They thanked us for bringing this to their attention and have amended their guidance for employers and blood transfusion staff.

The bisexual caucus reported that they had had a good Network Day meeting and that it had been agreed to submit a motion to BiCon 2010, when the UK was hosting international BiCon. Concern had been raised that Pride London does not list addressing Biphobia as one of its aims and there is no bi working group.

The caucus requested that this be raised via the TUC by the UNISON reps on the TUC LGBT committee. The committee endorsed the request.

We have also provided feedback to the Home Office funded Stonewall Community Consultation Questionnaire which will inform Stonewall's employer's guide to bi inclusion.

We are pleased to report that the Barnardo's charity that works with vulnerable children is now including bi and trans issues in it's previous LG only staff training and thank members of the caucus for their longstanding work in this area.

The committee have responded to the Equality Bill and have received an update on the progress of this. We note that the bill had been criticised in the pink media and will seek coverage of UNISON's view that while we still sought improvements, the bill was better than the status quo, and urging people to contact their MP to let them know this.

From ILGA, we welcome the report that the Polish confederation OPZZ has agreed to be more proactive in support of LGBT equality and that Adam Rogalewski has been appointed OPZZ General Secretary's for LGBT members, until someone based in Poland can be appointed to the post.

OPZZ has pledged support for 2010 Euro Pride, which takes place in Warsaw, and will be seeking to organise an event to mark it.

The committee agreed to recommend to the NEC that Louise Ashworth (Disabled Members Caucus) be UNISON's nomination for election to the ILGA Europe board.

It was agreed not to submit any proposals for conference business. We were advised that there was support for LGBT activism in the National Black Members Committee, and were pleased that they sent representatives to UK Black Pride. This was arguably the best attended Pride in its four year history with great opportunities for the members who volunteered on the stall to recruit and impart information.

Information about the Black members Network Day and LGBT conference has been sent out to existing members who have not been involved in the past.

The convenors of the caucus are now in the final stages of planning the Black Members Network day which looks to be an exciting agenda of film and guest speakers. This is only a very brief summary of the work we have been involved in so far this year.

If you would like further details on any of this, please speak to one of your representatives. An action plan detailing progress on each motion is updated after each sub committee meeting.

Elaine Duffy and David Calderwood


Business & Environment (B&E) Equalities Seminar, Glasgow 26th/27th September 2009

An Equalities Seminar for B&E members was held in Glasgow on 26th/27th September. B&E covers the Energy, Transport and Water and Environment Service Groups and was open to all members with an interest in Equalities.

The seminar was very successful with around 40 delegates attending. Paul Glover, NEC member for Energy, opened the seminar by giving a short presentation on EoN's recent Equality Initiative. This was the employer's initiative but was delivered jointly with the trade unions.

A world café (Discussion & Action Forum) followed, where delegates discussed:

· Equality Reps Role (Pros & Cons)

· What are the barriers to participation at UNISON events for under-represented groups e.g. Black members, LGBT members?

· What are the business cases to ensure Private Sector companies comply with Equality Duties?

Feedback was taken after this event and a lot of very useful action points were raised. Eileen Dinning, Scottish Equalities Officer, then gave a presentation on the legislation applying to Maternity, Paternity and Carers. A lively question and answer session followed.

Saturday morning's workshops saw delegates discuss and compare workplace policies on these family friendly issues. The workshops were a good chance for delegates to network and obtain advice and information on how to improve their own workplace policies and were very well received.

Eileen Dinning gave a further presentation on the Single Equality Bill, and in particular the impact of the Bill on the Private Sector and how to ensure that private sector employers comply with the law.

This was followed by a presentation by Elaine Duffy, National LGBT Committee member, on LGBT rights at work. This gave a background to identity and discrimination then went on to issues around Capability and ensuring workplace polices, particularly around family friendly issues were not discriminatory towards LGBT members.

In the final session, delegates discussed and identified workplace issues for LGBT members and came up with specific actions that the union should take in tackling barriers to lack of participation for LGBT members at Conferences.

Feedback from the seminar has been looked at by the B&E Equal Ops Working Group. It was generally considered an excellent seminar with almost all delegates saying they would attend again.

The LGBT presentation and discussions was highlighted as one of the best parts of the seminar with many delegates saying they felt empowered. The Working Group will now work on the action points raised from the seminar and information will be fed back to branches as appropriate.

Elaine Duffy
Energy Service Group and National LGBT Committee member



UNISON Scotland LGBT Committee
Annual General Meeting
11:00 – 13:00 Saturday 18 October 2008
18 Albion Street, Glasgow



The AGM was attended by 18 LGBT members from Branches across Scotland. Names are not listed for reasons of confidentiality.

Apologies received from RB, SB, AT and MF

Minutes of the previous AGM

The previous minutes were AGREED as an accurate record.

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising from the previous minutes.

Guest Speaker

Hilary Third from the Scottish Government Equality Unit gave a presentation to the AGM followed by a Question and Answer session.

Annual Report

Written reports were received from Co-convenors, National Committee Reps, Communications and Campaigns Committee Rep and International Committee Rep. There were no matters arising from these reports.

Motions to and arrangements for National LGBT Conference

It was NOTED that no Regional Delegates had been put forward this year due to an administrative error. It was AGREED that this would be fully discussed in new Committee meeting directly after the AGM. It was further AGREED that, in the absence of Regional Delegates, National Committee Reps would facilitate the regional delegation meeting at Conference.

Motion 36 ‘Unison participation in International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA)’ was CARRIED as a motion to the Scottish LGBT AGM.

Motion 37 ‘Criminalisation and enforced testing of people suspected of being HIV positive in Egypt’ was CARRIED as a motion to the Scottish LGBT AGM.

These two Motions will therefore remain in the Agenda for National LGBT Conference. It was AGREED that those Committee members attending Conference would endeavour to find appropriate delegates to move the Motions on behalf of the Region.

Motions to the Annual General Meeting

Motion 1 – ‘The "Hearts and Minds Report", Challenging Prejudice – Changing attitudes towards lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Scotland’ was CARRIED as amended.

Amendment of Constitution

The proposed amendments to the constitution were CARRIED as amended by the AGM, detailed in Appendix 1.

Committee Elections

4 nominations were received in relation to the 6 women’s seats and all were elected unopposed.

1 nomination was received in relation to the Disabled Members seat and was elected unopposed.

7 nominations were received in relation to the 6 general seats and, following a short hustings, 6 nominees were elected by secret ballot.

5 seats remain vacant as follows:

  • 2 women
  • 1 black
  • 1 transgender
  • 1 bisexual

Nominations are sought with a closing date of Friday 12th December 2008. Applications from the Health Sector are particularly welcome. Forms can be obtained from Eileen Dinning / Ann Hulme, UNISON House, 14 West Campbell Street, GLASGOW G2 6RX Tel: 0845 355 0845


UNISON Scotland LGBT Committee Meeting
Saturday 18 October 2008
18 Albion Street, Glasgow


1. Sederunt/Apologies

M. Jacques-Turner (Chair), B. Esdale (Chair), A. Burns (Minutes), E. Mackay, A. Cowan, D. Calderwood, I. Allen, A. Hunter, L. Sheridan, E. Duffy and A. Deary.

Eileen Dinning, Scottish Equalities Officer, was present until item 9 on the Agenda.

No apologies were received.

Positions on the committee were AGREED as follows:

  • Co-convenors – Miranda Jacques-Turner and Brian Esdale
  • Secretary – Andrew Burns
  • National LGBT Committee Reps – Elaine Duffy and David Calderwood
  • Scottish Council Reps – Andrew Burns and Miranda Jacques-Turner / Lynn Sheridan job share
  • Scottish Committee Rep – Brian Esdale
  • Scottish Campaigns and Communications Rep – Elaine Duffy
  • Scottish International Committee Rep – Miranda Jacques-Turner (Alec Deary in reserve)
  • Scottish Women’s Committee Rep – Liz Mackay
  • STUC Conference Rep – Ian Allen
  • Scottish Welfare Committee Rep – Alec Deary
  • Scottish Learning & Organising Committee – Alan Cowan
  • Glasgay – Lynne Sheridan
  • Labour Link – Alan Cowan

It was NOTED that the Health Service Group Committee Rep position had yet to be filled and that there was no-one currently on the Committee who qualified for this seat.



2. Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the Committee meeting on 31 May 2008 were AGREED as an accurate record following two amendments:

  • Item 4 (Matters Arising), 3rd paragraph, last sentence, the word ‘pilot’ was removed.
  • Item 16 (AOCB), 3rd paragraph, L3000 was changed to £3000.

3. Matters Arising

BE offered to write to the other Service Group Committees asking if we can have a seat on them (like we have on Health). However, it was AGREED that this would not be appropriate at this stage because if we were unable to fill the seat (as with Health) they would be left short on their Committee.


4. Officers/Reps Reports

It was NOTED that written reports had been received in advance of the AGM.



5. GPF Bid/Pride Events

It was NOTED that the GPF bid was successful. It was AGREED to have ‘Pride Planning’ on the agenda at the next Committee meeting. It was AGREED that the Equality Network Discussion Boards must be used for planning in between Committee meetings.



6. Action Plan Progression

It was AGREED office bearers would update the Action Plan for re-circulation by email and this would be discussed as part of the agenda at the next Committee meeting.




7. Branch SOGs – feedback (standing item)

It was NOTED that the Highland SOG continued to progress and had been submitting articles to branch and regional newsletters and other communications.


8. Aggravated Offences Bill Consultation (E. Dinning)

A paper detailing UNISON Scotland’s submission in relation to the Bill Consultation was circulated. The committee was in agreement with the submission and NOTED that any comments should be passed to E. Dinning by 20 October 2008. The input of E. Dinning and AC was NOTED and commended.


9. UNISON Joint Working

There was a discussion regarding joint work with UNISON Northern Ireland, specifically in relation to Celtic Connections. It was NOTED that AC was still awaiting graphics/pictures for the campaign materials as agreed at the last event. It was AGREED that Andrew would circulate by email a video link detailing some of the work that Unison NI have been involved in recently. It was agreed to carry this item onto the Agenda of the next meeting for further discussion.






10. Influencing Government and EHRC

It was NOTED that this was partly achieved at the AGM via the guest speaker and subsequent links. It was AGREED that BE would report back on developments in relation to this. BE also agreed to send an electronic version of the 'Challenging Prejudices' report to committee members.




11. National LGBT Conference

11.1 It was NOTED that this had been discussed at the AGM. The Committee expressed serious concern at the fact no regional delegates had been put forward this year and AGREED to take the following steps:

  • Raise concerns as a committee with the Scottish Equalities Officer and request intervention by the Scottish Secretary.
  • The office bearers to meet with the Scottish Equalities Officer to make clear the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and the need to incorporate the new Yearly Planning Calendar into the SLA.
  • To write a letter of appeal to the Conference Section and the National LGBT Committee and to submit a Letter of Censure to West Campbell Street.
  • To raise the issue of a lack of appeals process at National LGBT Conference through emergency motions to be submitted by Scottish Branches.

11.2 It was AGREED to approach the National LGBT Committee via the Reps and suggest that the Committee would REMIT Motion 36 if the National Committee agrees to take steps to improve Branch and Regional input into the delegation and input of delegation to ILGA conferences. It was AGREED that if remittance was not achieved, then the amendment to the motion should be opposed.














12. Equality Network Boards

It was NOTED that issues around the boards had been discussed at the AGM and in detail during the meeting in relation to general communication between committee members. BE to e-mail Equality Network Board link to Committee.




13. Calendar

It was AGREED to extend the length of Committee meetings by one hour in order to give sufficient time to cover agenda items without deferring to subsequent meetings. The following dates and times were AGREED for the Committee meetings:

  • 31 January 2009 (Glasgow) 10:00-14:00
  • 25 April 2009 (Glasgow) 10:00-14:00
  • 22 August 2009 (Inverness) 13:00-17:00 (followed by social & overnight stay)
  • 17 October 2009 (AGM, Glasgow) 10:00-14:00

BE is developing a Yearly Planning Calendar to ensure discussion of issues in good time to contribute to wider timetabled events. This will influence our Committee meeting agendas and BE will circulate the Calendar when complete.

BE to e-mail Committee members for submissions/ideas for LGBT History Month, which takes place in Feb 2009, since the next meeting would fall too late for this.











14. Correspondence

It was NOTED that some recent correspondence had been received by email. It was AGREED that this would be circulated to the Committee after the meeting.



15. Constitutional Amendments

It was NOTED that these had been passed at the AGM.


16. AOCB

It was NOTED that the Reclaim the Night Demo would take place on 25th November 2008 at 5.30pm and march from the STUC Building in Woodlands Road to Glasgow University. It was AGREED to write a letter of support to the Rape Crisis Centre in Glasgow.






Minute of the Scottish LGBT Committee AGM 2007

Minute of the Scottish LGBT Committee AGM held on 20 October 2007 Within the City of Glasgow UNISON Branch Office, 18 Albion Street, Glasgow, G1 1LH

1 Attendance
There were 18 delegates in attendance.

3 Minute of Previous AGM

5 Reports

a) National LGBT Committee

A written report was previously circulated by the national representatives

b) National LGBT Conference 2006

The written report was noted.

c) Scottish Council/Scottish Committee

A verbal report was presented by A Burns.

d) Scottish Health Committee

A written report was presented.

e) Scottish Learning & Organising Committee

No representative on this committee.

f) Scottish Communications & Campaigns Committee

A verbal report was presented.

g) Scottish Womens Committee

A written report was presented.

h) Scottish International Committee

A verbal report was presented.

i) Scottish Labour Link Committee

A verbal report was presented.

j) Scottish Water Sector

A verbal report was presented.

k) Scottish Energy Sector

A verbal report was presented

l) Glasgay Arts Festival

A verbal report was presented.

m) Celtic Connections Training Event

A verbal report was presented.

n) Policy Development Weekend 2007

It was noted that this will take place on 8/9 December within the Jurys Hotel, Edinburgh.

p) LGBT Youth Scotland - Charter Mark

A verbal report was presented.


6 Motions

a) Scottish Delegates Travelling To London - agreed as amended.

b) Homophobia - agreed as amended.

c) Human Rights Abuses in Burma - agreed.

7 Any Other Competent Business

a) Equality Awareness With The Scottish Executive

It was agreed that all UNISON self organised groups should enter into dialogue on this matter.

8 Officer Nominations

Co Convenors - Miranda Jacques-Turner and Brian Esdale.

National LGBT Representatives - Elaine Duffy and David Calderwood.

Secretary - Andrew Burns.

Standing Orders Committee - Ali Mackenzie.

9 Scottish LGBT Committee

The new committee for 2007/2008 will consist of all 18 delegates in attendance and the 2 delegates who submitted their apologies.

10 Date of Next Meeting

To be confirmed.



Scottish LGBT Committee - Report June 2007

The last meeting of the Scottish LGBT Committee took place on Saturday 26th May 2007 at UNISON office, West Campbell Street, Glasgow. There were four men and three women in attendance. Service Groups represented were: Local Government, Higher Education, Police, Energy and Water.

Pride Scotia

Pride Scotia takes place in Edinburgh on 23rd June 2007. Members of the Committee will take part in the march and staff a stall on the day. Unfortunately, the date coincides with when many of us are traveling back from Conference. This is particularly disappointing as we are hosting a representative from J-FLAG on the day.

Policy Weekend

As advised previously, our FDO bid was unsuccessful and so our policy weekend has not yet taken place. Happily, this was approved on appeal and this will now take place in November, after our AGM.


A date and venue has been agreed for our AGM. Speakers and workshops were discussed and agreed.


Our website has been updated with up to date information and reports etc. We have also established two online discussion forums. One is for members of the Committee and one is for all other UNISON members. We can now have discussions and share ideas between meetings, and it allows those who cannot come to meetings to still participate. If anyone would like to join either of these boards, please contact me for details.

Glasgay - it was agreed to continue with support for this event.

Motions to Conference - a full discussion around motions took place and several motions have been agreed.

Conference - arrangements are underway for social events for the forthcoming LGBT conference, which is to be held in Glasgow in November. Several local organisations have been identified to provide stalls and information during conference.

ILGA Europe

It was agreed to send four representatives to this year's ILGA Europe event in Vilneus.

LGBT Youth Charter of Rights

The Scottish LGBT Committee has been working jointly with the Young Members Committee to achieve the above accreditation. A joint workgroup was held at the last meeting where we discussed progress so far and agreed the way forward. A lot of excellent work has been achieved so far and we have been encouraged by the work and commitment shown by the Young Members on this.

Elaine Duffy
Scotland Region representative to National LGBT Committee



Report: Scottish Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Committee

Policy & Development

The committee has identified 5 areas of developmental work. These are recruitment, inclusion, partnership working/affiliations, finance/funding and UK/European Development. These areas are being covered by small working from the committee who report back to the main committee.


The Celtic connections training weekend is taking place during 30 March/1 April in Belfast. The topics for the weekend are LGBT youth, gender identity and raising transgender awareness.

Scottish LGBT Website

This is still a work in progress. Two discussion groups have been set up on the Equality Network website. One is for committee members only and is used for posting topics relating to committee business. The other if for all UNISON LGBT members and is used for more general topics of discussion and information.


This years Scottish AGM will take place on 20 October within Glasgow City UNISON offices. The national LGBT conference will take place within the Crown Plaza hotel, Glasgow between 16-18 October.

Co-Chairs, Scottish LGBT Committee



Minutes of the Scottish Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Committee Annual General Meeting held on 21 October 2006 @ 11.00am within Glasgow UNISON City Branch Office, 18 Albion Street, Glasgow, G1 1LH

1 Attendance

18 members attended - 12 men and 6 women.

All Service Groups, except Further Education were represented.

2 Apologies

4 apologies were received

3 Minute of Previous Meeting


4 Matters Arising


5 Guest Speakers

It was noted that the guest speaker, Ruth Black was unable to attend due to a sudden family bereavement.

The AGM were disappointed to learn that the Scottish Equalities Officer, Eileen Dinning was unable to attend due to a clash of events and it was agreed to ask UNISON staff to try and preempt a clash of dates in the future.

6 National LGBT Representatives Report

A written report was received and noted.

7 Other Reports

Written reports on the following subjects were noted:

  • ILGA Europe conference 2005.
  • Celtic Connections Training Weekend 2006.
  • Scottish LGBT Policy Weekend 2006.

Verbal reports on the following areas were received:

  • Communication & Campaigns Committee.
  • Health Committee.
  • International Committee.
  • Scottish Committee.
  • Scottish Labour Link.
  • The Youth Charter Mark.
  • Glasgay Festival.
  • Scottish Council.
  • The West of Scotland LGBT Forum.

The delegates wished to thank Ali Mackenzie and Elaine Duffy for their excellent contribution to the improved communications network.

It was noted that various action points had been agreed at the Policy Weekend and it was agreed to carry these forward for the newly elected Scottish LGBT Committee.

8 Emergency Motions to National LGBT Conference

  1. Attendance at LGBT Conference - supported.
  2. Goods, Facilities & Services - supported.
  3. HIV Service & Support - supported.

9 National LGBT Conference

All Scottish motions were discussed and speakers identified (see separate report).

Times and dates for the regional and service group meetings were noted.

10 Amendments to the Constitution

It was noted that the rule changes from the 2005 Scottish LGBT conference had not been incorporated into the previous constitution. The Secretary agreed to have these included along with any other relevant changes and circulate the new constitution to all members of the Scottish LGBT mailing list.

11 Election of the Scottish LGBT Committee

12 Date of Next Annual General Meeting

To be advised.




Motion 2 - Improving Policy & Practice for LGBT People

Branch: Glasgow City

Comments: Oppose amendment if not remitted

Motion 21 - Local Authorities

Region: Scottish LGBT Committee

Motion 28 - Save Our Pensions

Branch: Glasgow City

Comments: Accept amendment

Motion 32 - Screening of Blood Donors

Region: Scottish LGBT Committee

Motion 36 - Domestic Violence in the LGBT Community

Region: Scottish LGBT Committee

Comment: Accept amendment

Motion 37 - Celtic Connections/Youth Charter of Rights

Region: Scottish LGBT Committee

Motion 38 - UNISON - European Pride

Region: Scottish LGBT Committee

Comment: Potential composite with motion 39(International Pride Events)

Motion 40 - Diversity in Survival: Burma

Branch: City of Edinburgh


Support to Members not out to attend National Conference

Region: Scottish LGBT Committee

Goods & Services Regulations

Region: Scottish LGBT Committee

HIV Support & Services

Region: Scottish LGBT Committee


Minute of the Scottish LGBT Committee held on 21 October 2006 @ 1.30pm Within the City of Glasgow UNISON Branch Office, 18 Albion Street, Glasgow, G1 1LH

1 Attendance

16 members attended - 10 men and 6 women

2 Apologies

3 apologies were received.

3 Minute of Previous Meeting


4 Matters Arising

a) Scottish LGBT Banner

It was noted that this had still to be purchased.

b) ILGA Europe Conference 2006

It was noted that Alec Deary and Raymond Brown were successful in the ballot for the two male delegate places.

5 Female Caucus Report

  • Election of Co-Chair
  • Representative on Scottish Women's Committee

6 Election of Co-Chairs

Maggie Murphy and Andrew Burns were elected.

6) Election of Secretary

Raymond Brown was elected.

7) Elections

Delegates were elected to other UNISON bodies as follows:

  • Scottish Council
  • Scottish Committee
  • Learning & Organising Committee
  • Communications & Campaigns Committee
  • International Committee
  • Health Sector
  • Local Government
  • Voluntary Sector
  • Business & Environment
  • Higher Education - vacant.
  • Police Sector
  • Labour Link
  • STUC Conference

Delegates were elected to other organisations:

  • Glasgay Board
  • West of Scotland LGBT Forum

8 Emergency Motions to National LGBT Conference

Attendance at LBBT Conference - it was agreed to raise the reason for this motion with Eileen Dinning, Scottish Equalities Officer.

ACTION: Maggie Murphy, Andrew Burns and Elaine Duffy.

HIV Services & Support - it was agreed to reword this motion.


It was noted that Lynn Sheridan was coordinating the names of volunteers to staff the stall.

10 Policy Weekend 2006 - Actions

The following areas of work were identified at the policy weekend and it was agreed to identify committee members who would carry this work forward:

  • Recruitment
  • Inclusion
  • Partnership Working/Affiliations
  • Finance & Funding
  • UK/European Developments

11 National LGBT Standing Orders Committee

Two delegates were nominated.

12 Scottish LGBT Website

A request was made for committee members to inform Elaine Duffy if they are willing to be named and have a photograph on the website.

ACTION: All Committee Members.

13 Meeting Dates

It was agreed to pursue the possibility of having a policy development event during the last weekend of January - future dates for the committee meetings would be set then.


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