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Pete Postlethwaite
Pete Postlethwaite in Age of Stupid

Environment Newsletter - Lobby MSPS on Climate Change and See a Film to Change the World!

This issue of Environment asks branches and members to lobby MSPs to strengthen the Scottish Climate Change Bill.

This is a crucial year on Climate Change, with UN talks in Copenhagen in December due to agree a successor to Kyoto. The stronger we make the Scottish Bill the better. It could then influence other countries and the talks.

You can email here directly from the UNISON Scotland website at but there are other details and ideas in the newsletter, including the names of MSPs on the Transport, Infrastructure & Climate Change Committee which is about to start scrutinising the Bill. Please check whether these eight MSPs might represent members in your area, as clearly they are particularly important in planning lobbying.

Influencing Copenhagen is also the aim of The Age of Stupid – a ‘documentary-drama-animation’ starring Pete Postlethwaite and directed by Franny Armstrong, who made McLibel. It hits Scottish cinemas in March. Branches might like to consider attending cinema screenings or organising their own from May. Details in the newsletter.

Franny Armstrong said that Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth “did a fantastic job at bringing the public up-to-speed on the science of climate. The Age of Stupid takes the baton from Gore and examines the moral, psychological and human consequences of our current way of life.”

Do please encourage people to go to cinemas to see the film in its first week, from March 20, and consider how you could use it in campaigning.





New:Response to Call for Views on the Climate Change (Scotland) Bill (pdf)
UNISON Scotland is a member of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland and this response complements the SCCS response, which is available at: www.stopclimatechaos.org/
Climate Change Bill Briefing PDF
Response to Scottish Government Consultation to inform Scotland's climate change adaptation framework
Climate Change Bill Briefing
UNISON Response to the Scottish Climate Change Bill proposals (pdf)
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