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National Conference Bournemouth 2002
Scotland Daily Briefings
Thursday 20 June Reports

Denis wows us again

Denis Goldberg spoke this morning in a speech that made anybody else's 10 minutes feel like an hour and his 20 minutes seem like five.

There is always something new and today he told us of the real problems facing South Africa.On water, "private companies have creamed profits off water for years".

On HIV and complaints about ‘rationing' in South African healthcare, "it may come as a surprise to you but Health care is rationed in Britain".

On his future, "I am going home to my country - a country you helped us build".Denis spoke with real warmth of his links with UNISON and our support for the Anti-Apartheid movement and for Community HEART.

He spoke especially of Isobel McVicar who will take over Community HEART when he leaves.But the force and the passion came when he spoke of the plight of the Palestinians. "There can be no solution until Israel returns to its 1967 borders and Palestinians have their own state".

Denis referred to celebrating 40 years of his arrest - "We South Africans celebrate some funny things", he said.

This reminded us of his history.

On being sentenced by an apartheid court alongside Nelson Mandela in 1963, Denis Goldberg famously shouted "Life, life to live" as the judge ordered he serve four life sentences for treason. His crime? To plan a campaign of resistance to undermine the racist South African state and bring democracy, freedom and majority rule to all of its citizens.

For that he spent 22 years in prison.

Released before the election of the ANC to government, he was exiled to the UK where amongst other activities, he served as the ANC's representative to the UN and established Community H.E.A.R.T. which strives to overcome aparthied's awful legacy.

Working in partnership with local agencies in South Africa, Community H.E.A.R.T. supports initiatives that promote health, education, reconstruction and training projects, based on the principle of self help to the poorest citizens.


UNISON Manchester has arranged An Audience with Denis Goldberg in Manchester's Library Theatre on the afternoon of July 6th. Tickets are £10 from the box office - 0161 236 7110 - all monies to Community H.E.A.R.T. Bring your Branch, bring your relatives, bring your friends because as anyone who has heard Denis knows, he is an amazing raconteur with vital and important stories to tell.

Edinburgh UNISON will also be sending Denis off with a gift when he visits Edinburgh next week.


Branch Communications Awards 2002-your questions answered!

Does your branch produce a newsletter, website, leaflets or any other kind of publicity material? Did you enter for the Branch Communications Awards 2002?

If so, or if you want to check out the competition, come along to the awards presentation on Friday lunchtime in the Meyrick Suite, BIC at 12.45 pm.

Hmm, that's the graveyard shift of conference week isn't it?

Not at all-it's the fringe meeting so good they daren't put it on earlier in case everyone goes home afterwards!

So what's so good about it?

It's the chance to meet other branch communications activists, see what they produce and compare notes. Plus if you're lucky, you might get to pick up a fat cheque from the deputy general secretary and have your picture taken accepting an award-what could be better?

So, like the Oscars then?

Yes...but without the posh frocks, gold statuettes, red carpet, Hollywood stars, or the.....So, not actually anything like the Oscars at all then?

No. But don't miss them if you care about communicating with your members.

Justice for Samar and Jawad

Thanks to West Midlands UNISON, the Campaign Freedom and Justice for Samar & Jawad are at Conference (with Samar & Jawad's sisters) to raise awareness about two innocent lives wasted in prison for political expediency.

Reaching to UNISON and trade unionists is more crucial since Samar & Jawad lost their appeal in November 2001 against their wrongful conviction in relation to the 1994 bombings of the Israeli Embassy, although it revealed a series of "errors" and cover-ups by the intelligence services, the police and prosecution. These cover-ups meant that vital evidence implicating parties and individuals unrelated to Samar or Jawad was not even seen by the trial judge, let alone the defence. Amnesty International believes that their trial was unfair and that their convictions are unsafe.

As with the Birmingham Six and other miscarriages of justice, we are counting on your support to end an injustice perpetrated in the name of the public. We urge delegates to pressurise the government to end this injustice, and to tell them that the war against terror and the UK's human rights record are ill-served by jailing the wrong people while the actual bombers remain at large.

So please visit our stall (next to OXFAM's and Colombia Solidarity Campaign).Website on

Results so far


Comp G - carried
Comp A - Carried (A.1 Fell)
79 Care for the Elderly - Carried
78 Care for the Elderly - Carried as amended by 78.1
77 Carried (77.1 lost)
Comp C - carried
Comp B - carried
135 - carried as amended by 135.1


Comp E - Carried
7 - Carried as amended by 7.5, 7.8, 7.9, 7.10
120 - Carried
118 - Carried with all the amendments
115 - Carried as amended by 115.1
Comp M carried on a card vote unamended
15 - Lost (amendments withdrawn)


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