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National Conference Bournemouth 2002
Scotland Daily Briefings
Thursday 20 June Briefing

Palestine: A united message at a time of crisis

There needs to be clear, united message from UNISON today both in terms of pressure on the Government in to ensure our Palestinian comrades hear our solidarity loud and clear.Amendment L.1 reflects Scottish Council and STUC policy for a boycott of Israeli goods for the period wanted by the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions.Amendment L.2 must be opposed. This is a serious business and the utopian (if it is that) terms of this amendment are just not based in the reality of the crisis.
Support L
Support L.1
Oppose L.2

65 Combating racism - Anti Nazi League

Motion 65 brings a comprehensive proposal and action plan for Combating Racism in Local Communities.

However Amendments 65.3, 65.4, 65.5 and 65.6 all bring the annual attempt to get the union to affiliate to the Anti Nazi League.

The issue here is whether this organisation meets UNISON's tests of democracy and transparency - and specifically here, whether there are measures to ensure black leadership involvement.The Anti- Nazi League has not met these tests, it has not provided audited accounts and does not have systems for black leadership. It is not supported by the UNISON Black Members Group.

Arguments have sometimes been made to join and change things from within, but you would need the very structures that aren't there to do that.

Support 65
Oppose Amendments 65.3, .4, .5 and .6.
Oppose 66
Support 66.1 or 66.2

Rules (oh goody!)----------

The unusually small number of rules amendments means that they will all be heard on Thursday afternoon and should not require prioritisation. However, 8, 12, 4, 3, 2 and 1 should be supported but 9 and 10 opposed as being daft and giving rise to interminable rules wrangles and the proposal in 19 should await the outcome of motion 136 review on subscriptions.

Support 8, 12, 4, 3, 2 and 1

Oppose 9,10,19

Business will return to the ‘snake' after this and we may issue a further briefing.



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