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National Conference Bournemouth 2002
Scotland Daily Briefings
Friday 21 June No 2 Miscellaneous

UNISON Scotland and SAMWU twin

UNISON Scotland and the South African Municipal Workers Union met in Bournemouth yesterday to formally sign and discuss twinning links.

Roger Ronnie, General Secretary, South African Municipal Workers Union and Lance Veotte, National Water Sector Co-ordinator, meeting Mike Kirby, Matt Smith, Stephanie Herd (Chair Scottish Local Govt Service Group Exec), Jean Anne Goodbrand (International Committee) and Katrina Purcell who will visit South Africa this year as part of the STUC Womens Committee visit.

As they met, Roger got news that SAMWU has resolved to embark on a national wage strike for a final demand of 10% or 300 Rand (14 rands to the £) and to resist a three year deal with an offer of 7%.

Best wishes Mary and thanks for everything

Mary CrichtonMary Crichton bows out this year at her last Conference after representing Scottish Region for the last four years and Dundee branch for many more before that.

Mary has been active in the trade union movement for longer than even Mike Kirby and has been on the Scottish Local Government Committee, the Trade Union side and represented her branch at Conference and Scottish Region at the STUC.

As you will have heard at this year's Conference, Mary's firm, forthright and very clear contributions when speaking for Scotland have done her and us great credit.

These performances have been widely respected by colleagues in other regions, We all wish Mary all the best and thank her for her contribution in building UNISON, building and maintaining Scotland's role in UNISON and bringing all so often, colour and common sense to Conference proceedings.

Never mind - it's only a game

Try telling that to an English delegate this morning! It has been a reasonably stress free campaign for Scottish delegates, not having the pressures of wondering when we would be kicked out of the World Cup.

Conference, on the other hand is not a game, although it seems like it from time to time. This year, progress on the agenda has been painfully slow.

The noise level on the floor has bordered on disrespectful to speakers. It was hard to believe that there was a general murmur of conversations even during Denis Goldberg's speech.

And we have voted some funny ways. Sometimes it seems to some that a victory is when you gub the NEC on whatever. A victory, of course, is when 2,000 leaders (which is what we are) take responsibility for the hard decisions - then go out and deliver them for and with our members.



Comp M - Carried (For 519,379 Against 442,632) [M.1 Lost F 427,080 A 495,623]
Comp L Palestine (Carried)
35 Equal pay - carried
Comp D Work-Life Balance - Carried (D.1 withdrawn)
Emergency 1 - Racism and the BNP - Carried


1. Carried
2. Carried
3. Lost
4. Carried
5. Fell
6. Carried
7. Fell
8. Not two-thirds
9. Lost
10. Lost
11. Carried
12. Not two thirds (F 517,472 A 446,879)
14. Carried
16. Carried
17. Carried
18. Lost
19. Lost
Correction: Brief summaries will be on the website next week at and not the Edinburgh site as stated before.

Oh, and of course there was another result...

Scottish branches top Communications Awards

Renfrewshire Local Government Branch has won this year's UNISON Communication Awards for best newsletter in the UK.

John McNaughton picked up the prize of £500 on behalf of the branch and co-editor Aileen MacDonald at the lunchtime awards today.

The judges described the magazine "UNISON Feedback” as a ‘great achievement' and a credit to the branch and the union.

Runner up and winning £250 was another Scottish branch, City of Edinburgh, "an excellent example of a well-designed newsletter with lots of news”. Editor John Stevenson picked up the award.

A Special Merit Award went to South Lanarkshire's "Branchline” edited by Jane Aitchison, especially for a ‘clear and reader friendly table' explaining conditions changes to members.

Also winning a £50 Merit Award was Ayrshire & Arran Primary Care (Ed. K. McLeod) particularly for its excellent contact details providing a "really good service to the branch members”.

Lothian Acute Health branch also lifted £50 for its "great email bulletin”.

Best Website

There was a double for John Stevenson when Edinburgh also picked up the best website award. The site was described as "a veteran site that has been re-designed” with a clean and simple design and lots of information. This is the second time John has won the award.

The Best Article Award was won by Leeds Branch for their excellent story "PFI, what do our Leeds MPs have to say”, which was ‘worthy of any professional publication'.

Has your branch got a newsletter or a website? If not, why not get started - contact John Stevenson at


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