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A Fairer Scotland - UNISON Scotland Referendum Home Page
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UNISON resources
A Fairer Scotland
(report pdf Nov 2012)
Getting A Fairer Scotland: some key questions
(leaflet pdf Nov 2012)
UNISON ‘For a Fairer Scotland’ - final discussion draft
October 2012 (pdf)
Constitutional Change Events - UNISON + STUC Autumn 2012 (pdf)
Scotland inUNISON August 2012 (pdf)
Debate at UNISON Conference June 2012
Debate at STUC in Dundee
April 2012
Response to Government Consultation Mar 2012 (pdf)
Referendum and Constitutional Change Policy Briefing Feb 2012 (pdf)

A Just Scotland - STUC

STUC A Just Scotland

A Just Scotland
What is the best way to achieve social justice in Scotland?
The STUC and its affiliated unions working alongside civic groups, is promoting a discussion on Scotland’s future.

25 Nov: A Just Scotland interim report pdf

25 Nov: A Just Scotland press release

Click here for the A Just Scotland website with briefing papers, dates of consultations etc.....
STUC community events around Scotland
took place in these locations:
Glasgow 1 September
Dumfries 8 September
Inverness 15 September
Edinburgh 22 September
Dundee 29 September

More details on STUC community events here




The Scottish Referendum Campaign, UNISON Policy

Recent publicity and media coverage of a number of UNISON activists declaring themselves to be pro-Independence has caused confusion regarding UNISON’s established policy. There have been a growing number of requests for clarification of the UNISON Scotland position from campaigning groups. There have been complaints from individual members and branches, seeking retraction and clarification.

The statement was issued in a “personal capacity” although refering to positions held in UNISON. It is acknowledged that the media would be more interested in the roles in the trade union. The statement was covered in various media. On first sight of the STV web page, UNISON Scotland secured an addendum to distance from the statement and to put on record the policy of the trade union:

A Unison Scotland spokesman stressed that the union did not have a position either way on the referendum debate. He said: "We would urge both sides of the campaign to explain to our members how they intend to go about creating a more just, fairer society in Scotland." This was carried on other web outlets, e.g. newspapers. However, we were unable to influence a copy deadline of printed media.

I would emphasise UNISON policy is that we do not have a policy position either way on the referendum debate. We continue to scrutinise the positions of the various campaigns and would urge all sides to explain to our members how they intend to go about creating a more just, fairer society in Scotland. Any constitutional change should be a means to that end and not an objective in itself. The UNISON position is well covered on the front of our website and various publications.

This policy position has been adopted by UNISON Scotland and by National Delegate Conference. The UNISON Rules and Democracy Guidelines on the right to organise and campaign will apply.This means that no UNISON resources, media or meetings should be used to promote one side of the debate over another.

There are legal restraints on expenditure during the referendum campaign and separate advice has been issued to branches on this subject. It is legitimate to promote debate around UNISON policy and this may involve invitations to and participation by the different campaigns, and efforts should be made to ensure balance.

When using a UNISON title or elected office regard should be paid to UNISON policy. When speaking in “a personal capacity” it should be as such, and therefore there will be no need to make reference to UNISON office. It is acknowledged that social media provides many opportunities, and pitfalls. While individuals may use personal accounts, regard should be had to any reference to or association with UNISON.

UNISON will continue to respect the diversity of views of our members as they will register them in the referendum. In the trade union movement the debate has been conducted with humour and in a spirit that should be a lesson to politicians. We need to take that same spirit out to and beyond the trade union movement.

Mike J Kirby
Scottish Secretary

2 July 2014