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Date Fri 5 August 2011

'Its' 2011 - not 1611' UNISON reminds John Mason MSP

Public services union UNISON condemned John Mason MSPs motion on equal marriage. The MSP has tabled a motion in Holyrood which "No person or organisation should be forced to be involved in or to approve of same-sex marriages."

UNISONís Equalities Officer Eileen Dinning said: "John Mason is trying to use a motion about free speech to say that homophobia is a perfectly respectable point of view. Itís not, and by even suggesting so John Mason is showing how little he understands the Parliament he has just been elected to.

"Since its inception the Scottish Parliament has proved itself to be a significant legislator on LGBT rights. John Mason's motion opposing gay marriage is not only ludicrous but is out of step with a modern and progressive parliament.

"His views are not representative of the majority of Scottish people and he needs to come back to the year 2011 and remember it's not 1611."

Notes to editors

1. The text of John Masonís motion may be found here http://www.scottish.parliament.uk/Apps2/MAQASearch/