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The FDO Committee now has responsibility for awarding funding from four separate sources:

* Regional Pool Fund
* Project Development Fund
* Contingency Fund
* GPF funding (for branches)

The Committee is also the gateway to National Office for branches seeking Special Needs Funding.

The recent changes in the GPF arrangements, combined with new advice in respect of the Regional Pool Fund provide a good opportunity for the Committee to adopt a standard application process at the same time as promoting the available monies. By comparison to other regions, Scotland has made good use of the Regional Pool fund but there is a considerable amount unspent from last year and this, which could be put to good use.

The attached document includes an application form that can be used for all financial applications as well as explanations of the various funds and eligibility for applying.
John Keggie
February 2010



There are four separate sources of additional funding available within Scotland which can be accessed by branches and/or Committees and groups of members. The FDO Sub Committee of the Scottish Committee has responsibility for awarding funding from:

Regional Pool Fund
Approximately £60,000 per year
Project Development Fund
Approximately £16,000 per year
Contingency Fund
Approximately £10,000
GPF funding (for branches)
Up to £5000 per bid

The Committee is also the gateway to National Office for branches seeking Special Needs Funding.

What follows is a description of each of the funds, eligibility criteria and a combined application form.

You should note that it is not necessary for branches to have no funds to make application but the FDO Committee will take into account the reserves available and the proposed budget for the year.

A list of the awards made is appended to this documentation to show the range of activity that has been supported from each of the funds.


A recently issues National leaflet providing a detailed explanation of the fund and the criteria for applications is attached.

In brief, the funds are available for branches wishing to undertake recruitment and development activity. Applications from more than one branch will be welcomed.
The FDO Committee is keen to ensure that Health branches in the process of merging have sufficient funds to enable the creation of effective branches.


The Project Development Fund comprises 10% of the total annual Lay Activity budget. It is available to branches, committees and groups. Applications for implementing or supporting innovative activities that may have Scottish wide impact are particularly welcomed.


This fund arises from previous lay activity budget reserves and is not topped up annually.

Applications to the Contingency Fund should be from branches, committees or groups which find themselves - for good reason - with an unexpected shortfall in their budget.


Approval for branch bids up to £5000 has now been devolved to regions and, in Scotland, will be administered by the FDO Committee. The detailed national criteria for applications is attached. Approval for regional bids or those for more than £5000 remains with the national GPF Committee.


Approval for Special Needs Funding rests with the Chair of the national Finance Committee. However, applications also require the initial support of the region and these are dealt with by the FDO Committee.

Special Needs Funding is generally awarded as a higher percentage of branch retention to meet the specific circumstances of the branch. In Scotland, a number of Scottish wide and/or Islands branches receive additional income because of the increased costs associated with participating in the democratic processes of the union.


The FDO Committee meets approximately every six weeks and all applications should be submitted two weeks before the scheduled meeting. A calendar of proposed dates for 2004 is attached but you should seek confirmation of these from Glyn Hawker, Scottish Organiser, as they are occasionally subject to change.

All applications must be submitted using the attached form and applicants should provide as much information as possible to avoid the necessity for a decision being deferred. Not all of the questions on the form will have relevance for all applicants. However, where you feel this is the case you should give reasons why.

Regional Pool Fund awards are paid by National Office with the next possible monthly retention payment. All other awards are paid by cheque.


In order to ensure that we promote good practice Branches and Committee receiving funding are required to provide a written report describing the outcome of the activity as well as examples of any materials produced.

Reports must be provided to the FDO Committee within 3 months of the date of receipt of the award.