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Freedom of Information - Email your MSPs

How to find your MSPs
You have one local constituency MSP and seven regional MSPs.

To find your MSPs from your postcode click here for MSP search on the Scottish Parliament site (opens in a new window)

Note the names of your local and regional MSPs, then use the drop down list on the email form on this page to select a name, fill in the form and click 'send'.

Please send one email each to all your own MSPs, local and regional.

Thanks for helping!

Freedom of Information - Our right to know:

UNISON Scotland FOI page



Email now to lobby your MSPs over the Freedom of Information Bill

Let your MSPs know you want them to...

Here's what you need to do.

  1. Check the name of your MSP (see How to find your MSP - right)
    Please remember - you have 7 regional MSPs and a local MSP. They all represent you. Please use the form below to send emails to as many of your own MSPs as you can
  2. Fill in the form below
  3. Click to send!

Note: Please fill in all the fields


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Your message: If you re-write this in your own words, you will make this action even more effective.

Your full name:

Your email:

Your address:



Click 'Submit' to send or 'Reset' to clear

  • UNISON Scotland will save a copy of your message, and will only use your email address to contact you in relation to this online action. We will not share your details with anyone else.
  • Please only send one email for yourself to each of the MSPs who represent you.
    This is not a spam email. We wish to let elected representatives know of genuine concerns felt constituents.




  Page updated: 11 January 2013